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IM Wellness - "Partnership for Collaborative Care."

Telepsychiatry and Outpatient 

12915 Jones Maltsberger Road, Suite 102. 

San Antonio, Texas 78247.


Phone: 2102457862,

Fax: 2102457951

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Insight Mental Wellness is dedicated to providing partnership for a collaborative mental care services to all its patients. We offer a full continuum of care for mild-to-severe forms of mental illness and/or addiction.  We are committed to a service system that is personalized, compassionate, and effective.


Our primary focus is to provide psychiatric services that works diligently towards a goal of recovery and stability of symptoms.  We understand the uniqueness of individual patient diagnosis, related stress, and comorbidity factors.  This is why we recognize your personal goals and make it the focus of your treatment plan.

At Insight Mental Wellness, we view each patient as unique individuals with their own personal histories, family dynamics, and support networks. In planning the best course of treatment for an individual, we explore how they cognitively process thoughts, express emotions, and see the world. 

Our patients recovery process is reinforced by individualized treatment plans that best fit them emotionally, socially, and cognitively. We make available referrals for psychotherapy, nutritionist, life coaches, fitness coach, amongst others in order to ensure a holistic treatment to encompass the unique situation of each person.

Insight Mental Wellness does not prescribe any form of stimulant drugs such as Adderall.....

(210) 245-7862

We work collaboratively with healthcare providers. For referral request, email us at, call 2102457862, or fax 2102457951.


What to have ready for your Appointment:
Any information about past surgical and medical histories (you can also complete these information on your forms in the patient portal prior to visit)
Contact information for your doctor, therapist, pharmacy, etc.
We highly recommend you bring all current prescriptions and over the counter medication bottles for review during initial visit and only prescription bottles by the clinic for follow up appointments. 
Your personal form of ID such as a driver’s license.

Be sure to arrive 15-30 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment to complete any necessary paperwork. It is our goal to service you in due time. Completing all paperwork needed for your visit on the patient portal or before coming in for your appointment can facilitate a timely visit with less delay. Situations may arise during the course of a visit with a patient which can result in delays, I hope that those are rare instances.

For telepsychiatry sessions: 

  • review all information, complete, and submit all required documents prior to visit.

  • test your electronic system for sound and video access prior to visit.

  • make ample time to set up and be available prior to session.

  • find a quiet environment for privacy.

  • secure a headpiece and/or microphone (depending on electronic device)

  • have a pen and paper ready for notes or questions.

  • be mindful of the time in order to maximize your session.